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Tablet-for-legally-blind, this is the first tablet for the visually impaired. kristina tsvetanova, ceo of blitab, talks about how the tablet's tactile display makes online information accessible for the visually impaired.. Talkback is an application that is part of google’s android accessibility service, designed to help blind and visually impaired users with using their mobile devices., the world’s first tablet for blind people blitab is similar to an e-book, but uses liquid-based technology to create small, physical bubbles that rise and fall on the surface on demand to display.... My mother is legally blind is there a tablet for legally blind people? she still has he sight but has tunnel vision and her sight is fading and she complains she can’t read the words anymore. does anyone know of a tablet that is friendly for someone with vision problems? comment., in a world of ever evolving technology, you might wonder how people with visual impairments can take advantage of the latest computer technology. the visually impaired, like many people with disabilities, have been using computers for decades with the help of software and hardware that have continued to improve over the years. contents how do […].

With their convenience, portability, and easy-to-use features, many people are skipping purchasing a computer altogether and going straight for a tablet. that’s just as true for senior citizens as it is for all age groups. tablets offer plenty of computing power in a sleek, impressive package. but which tablet should you buy? apple’s ipad was ..., ipad apps for visually impaired are designed meticulously to aid blind and other visually impaired people. some of these apps can augment daily chores while the others are purely for entertainment purpose. irrespective of what they do, we have collected 10 best ipad apps for visually impaired..

Maxiaids: our computer section offers a variety of helpful technology gadgets, including communication aids for the blind, low vision keyboards and more., low-cost computing for people who are blind or visually impaired. by steven kelley crc, cvrt. overcoming the frustrations of using a computer if you are visually impaired or blind guides for selecting a computer the accessibility of windows low-cost screen readers computers for the blind.

Computers for the blind (cftb) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization devoted to providing computers to persons who are blind or visually impaired.